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 You need a change, a better option to add in 6-figures that doesn’t make you feel like you got hit by a bus Monday mornings. 

Sure, at one point being booked out was the DREAM, but honestly now being booked out sounds better on paper than missing another life event of your own. You’re overwhelmed, overbooked, and constantly feel like you’re behind the ball with editing and disappointing the people in your life when you can’t show up for weekend events. You desperately want the freedom you *thought* owning your own business would bring. But instead, you went from a 9-5 to a 24-7. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Creating a life-proof business is what allows you to generate income even when you’re not working and make far more than your current hourly rate. It’s what allows you to have flexibility in your life in case of emergencies. It’s what grants you the freedom to schedule your business around your life, not the other way around. That vacation? Those soccer games? The weekend brunches? You’ll be able to do ALL of it soon and that’s the real reason you started a business in the first place, but it’s so easy to lose sight of that as a photographer when your clients need you at traditionally off-hours. 

Let’s not forget that you’re tired, your body aches, and the thought of doing this for another 5-10 years feels like a punch to the gut. You feel like you (eventually) need an escape route but the other options on the table straight-up suck. Another corporate job? Hard pass. 

Can we all collectively agree after the last couple of years that having your only source of income come from photographing weddings isn’t the vibe? 

Most photographers burn TF out, there’s no way to sugar coat it (been there!). You hustle endlessly for 6-figures and it comes at the expense of your life. Shooting weddings every weekend, buried in your editing cave every night, and living in panic mode every January when slow season is getting the best of you—and I don’t blame you, it's not all it’s cracked up to be!

Wouldn’t it be nice to take on fewer sessions and go from 60+hours/week to under 20?

I retired from photography and turned my 6-figure photography income into a 7-figure coaching business in 2 years flat, and I can show you how too with my 3-phase process. 

Master the strategies that have brought my coaching business to 7-figures in two years and helped many others have $10k, $20k, $30k, $40k first-ever launches 🤯 and even hit over $160k in the first year!!

Create a coaching offer photographers line up to buy and can’t wait to pay you for—your knowledge is valuable 

Stop trading weekends for weddings and hours for dollars— it's time to create a long-term sustainable growth plan for your business

Gain back the freedom you've been missing as a photographer.

Learn a simple 3-phase process to create → sell → scale your coaching program to 6-figures in 6 months

There's now a solution:
the jm mastermind

I want this bad!

It’s time to get strategic AF and create a program that’s going to bring in a significant chunk of income—how does 6-figures+ sound?

There’s a much more lucrative way to build a new stream of 6-figure income. Even if you’re not at the point of wanting to make a full switch to education, setting the groundwork now before you do get to your breaking point is always a good idea. You can grow both businesses alongside each other without the pressure of needing it to work immediately. 

Not to mention, when you’re selling a mini course you need to sell 100's (if not 1000's) for the same price you can make from coaching just 10 students. 🤯

You’re booked out, busy, and thriving… right up until you’re not. Then when shit hits the fan, you’re screwed. Take it from someone who’s been there, it’s best to be proactive about building in additional revenue streams before you hit your breaking point.

You know education is the next best route for you to add in additional revenue while still doing the work you love and supporting other photographers. You’re just stuck on how to start and scale a coaching program people want to be part of. 

Maybe you even have some major imposter syndrome coming up that you’re not “qualified” to coach—which I can confidently say is B.S. You don’t need any fancy awards or features to share your knowledge of building a successful photography business with others. This program is here to help you make real income-replacing money and creating a coaching program is your best way. 

Workshops are great for a quick cash injection but they also aren’t sustainable. Shops and templates are great for micro-cash infusions but mostly just sit untouched. And mini courses sound great for “passive” income but they’re rarely passive and require a ton of work and a lot of tech to create.

I’ve seen it happen time and time again (and lived it), you wait until you’re at your breaking point before looking for other options. 

You can’t afford to ignore adding education to your business plan any longer. 

Coaching programs sell for 3 reasons. Inside phase 01 we'll be sure your program includes all three, making it an "easy yes" for potential students.

Using my ICP formula we'll help you get your ideas out of your head and mapped out in the very first lesson. We're all about quick wins.

Once you have your program mapped out, we'll show you how to easily create the content and determine the best structure for your program.

You'll have full access to our template vault where you can drag and drop your way to program success!

The Irresistible Coaching Program Formula

phase 01

Get your hands on my proven step-by-step method to selling your coaching program without feeling like a pushy saleswoman.

Learn the “no fluff” method that no one else is teaching in the industry.

Easily write all the launch copy you need with custom fill-in-the-blank templates.

Master the strategies of how to get in front of the right audience and confidently sell your program with photographers who are lined up to join when you launch

The Selling Blueprint

phase 02

Learn exactly how to get leads on autopilot so you’re getting daily applications and weekly enrollments.

Simply set up all the automations on the backend with easy-to-implement tutorials so you can spend even less time working.

Show up and serve your students for only a couple of hours a week and get back to enjoying life!

Facebook Ads training + templates to bring 10+ new leads into your DM's in your sleep.

Scale on Autopilot

phase 03

Now that you've created and launched a successful coaching program, what do you say about creating an online course for some passive income? Sweet, I thought you'd say "yes".

Inside this Bonus Phase, I'll walk you though the exact steps to re-purposing your coaching program content into a self-paced online course for photographers.

Learn how to set this up in 3 simple steps that will result in your sleep (hello truly passive income).

Passive Income Phase

bonus phase

next module overview >

inside the mastermind, you'll learn ...

professionally written email templates

Sales page template +
fill-in-the-blank copy

done-for-you launch scripts + captions

who wants a


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Hit the “easy” button and join the dozens of women who have built a sustainable coaching business and scaled their photography income through the JM Mastermind!

Starting + scaling your coaching business starts here.

I want in!

The JM Mastermind is the proven roadmap to a 6-figure+ coaching program and your ticket to freedom.

You’re burned out AF and you’re looking to replace your 6-figure photography income with a 6-figure+ coaching program 

You’re a photographer that’s been in business for a few years, you’ve got an established business that’s growing, and you’re starting to think about what’s next because you know this isn’t sustainable forever (and truth be told, it’s not)

You can’t afford to work till the point of (or past) burnout 

If I had to guess, you’re here for one of two reasons… 

- Talia Laird, Talia Laird Photography

"After joining Jenni's Mastermind I launched my first-ever coaching program. My goal was to fill 10 seats but I ended up selling 20 and had a waitlist for the next round!"

“With Jenni's help I sold-out my new coaching program and took in $90k in 3 months!"

- Leslie Kerrigan, Seniorologie

"This Mastermind helped me sell 102 seats to my online course and sell-out my coaching program, bringing in over $65,000 in just a few months!"

"Jenni helped me sell-out my coaching program!"

- Megan MacPhail, Hazel & Lace Photography

"My first launch was a flop. Then I joined Jenni's Mastermind and took in $36k in just a few weeks. I've now brought in over $320k in the past 14 months!"

"I've taken in over $320k in coaching using jenni's mastermind methods."

work with a coach who             

gets it!

Sometimes you just need someone to tell you what works, and that’s exactly what I’m here to do.

After two decades and 7-figures in the industry, this mastermind will take you to the next level and show you how to do it right from the start. No guessing or stumbling over launch strategies and sales pages.

what you get in the mastermind:

3-Phase Road-Map: the exact steps to create, sell and scale your 6-figure+ coaching program for photographers.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls: each week for 6 months you're invited to a LIVE group coaching call to get answers to your questions, feedback and support to help you fast-track your success.

Expert Coaching Calls: get access to my team! Coaching calls with my very own copywriter and marketing strategist are hosted every month.

Daily Support + Reviews: Inside our tight-knit Private Community, you'll get daily access to my professional copywriter, my professional FB ads manager, a success coach, and myself to review your work and be sure you're supported every step of the way.

Done-for-you-templates: Get full access to my entire vault of DFY templates. Pressing the coaching program "easy button" has never been ... well, easier. Inside you'll have access to sales page templates, copy and paste email templates, funnels, Facebook ad graphics, online course templates, Instagram captions and story prompts, plus so much more!

how it works:

Use the link below to submit your online application. I will personally review within 24 hours and get back to you. I want to be sure this program is the perfect fit for you and your goals.


1:1 CHAT
If we feel that we're the perfect fit, you'll receive a DM from me this week (be sure to keep an eye out for one from @jennimaroney).


Once accepted into the program, you'll get access to the trainings, templates, private community and weekly group coaching calls so you can hit the ground running!


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It’s led my students to have $10k, $20k, $30k, and $40k FIRST TIME launches and $200k+ years as an educator. 

Ready to create a sustainable business?

This program includes everything you need to launch a 6-figure coaching program.

big time bonuses

valued at $5500! Get it today!

On top of all the coaching support, you’ll also receive support from a professional copywriter and marketing strategist.

Unlike other programs, I won’t just tell you to write launch copy, I’ll hand you professionally drafted sales pages and email templates so you have everything you need to create and launch your coaching program in no time. You’ll create your irresistible offer, write your copy, pop it into the sales page templates and start selling with the proven strategies we teach inside! 

Plus, sales page templates for ShowIt and Squarespace ready for you to pop the copy into! 

I’ve made it even easier by giving you everything you need for a successful launch.

Next level bonuses

…As long as you’re willing to commit to the work. Building a 6-figure coaching business isn’t for everyone, you need to be able to commit at least 3 hours per week and follow a proven roadmap. This isn’t a program where I’ll dangle a carrot in front of you but don’t actually tell you how to get to the next level—your success is my success and I want to make sure you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work. I’m personally committed to coaching you every day in the mastermind with my support coaches to ensure you’re seeing results.

This Mastermind gets you results with unparalleled support.

Tired of trading hours for dollars and missing family time and weekends 

Making good money but looking for a better, more lucrative way to make money (without hitting burnout)

A female photographer who’s ready to bring in another stream of income by helping other photographers

This is for you if you are:

Want to learn an easier way to add 6-figures to your business so you can scale back on sessions

I want in, jenni!!

The JM Mastermind is the proven roadmap to a 6-figure+ coaching program and your ticket to freedom.

I don't know about you but I used to spend 20-30 hours per wedding with all the pre-wedding prep, shooting time, hours (and hours) of editing, album design, etc. and that was just for ONE wedding, nevermind the 20 I had on my calendar each season. My days were consumed with weddings. All while I had two babies at home missing me.

With a coaching program, you’ll only have to dedicate a handful of hours each week. An hour dedicated to live coaching calls and 30 minutes a day answering student questions in your community.

Bada bing, bada boom. You get your life back. 🥂

"But jenni, I want to free up my time, not add more work"



When do the live coaching calls happen?

We have students across the globe on different time zones so we do our best to accommodate all. Our calls are typically on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays between 11 am EST - 2 pm EST. However, if you can't make a call you can always pre-submit your question and we'll send you the recording of the live call.

What is your student success rate? I really don't want to fail.

Listen, I'm an enneagram 3 through and through. Your results are my results so I really don't want you to fail either. 😉 If you're willing to put in the work, follow the blueprint, show up on the calls and ask questions, you'll see fast results just like my students that have hit 6-figures with their coaching programs! 

how long do I have access to the program for?

The JM Mastermind is a 6-month program. You will have access to all the trainings, templates, weekly live calls and daily support inside the community for the entire 6 months. For as long as you're in the program, you'll have myself and my team supporting you every step of the way.

What happens after I hit the "apply" button for jm mastermind?

Once you hit "apply now", you'll submit your application so we can get to know you and your goals better. If we feel you're the perfect fit, you'll be invited to a Blueprint Call within the next few days where we'll help you map out your 6-fig coaching program. Once accepted into the program, you'll get instant access to all the trainings, templates, weekly call calendar, and private community for support!

how long until I see results? will i hit $100k this year?

The students in the Mastermind who follow the exact step-by-step strategy, show up consistently, and ask questions along the way are the ones that see the fastest (and biggest) results! We've had Mastermind members have anywhere from $10k - $40k first-ever launches in the first 12 weeks of the program and scaled to $200k in just over 1 year.

how much time do i need to commit? I'm really busy.

Me too, sister. Me too. I created this Mastermind for all the busy women that want to make a change, make a difference and make BANK ... fast. Each of the 3 phases will take you anywhere from 3-5 hours to complete.  As with any program, It truly depends on the individual and the work they put in. 

Common Qs and As:

hey girl, i have a question...

Ready to create a 6-figure+ coaching progam? Let me help you in just 6 months.

When I started feeling burnout in my business, I realized that the other photographers I looked up to did more than just shoot sessions.

I hit a breaking point when I was booked out and busy, I was constantly pulled in a million different directions and knew I needed depth in my business to make it sustainable.

I shifted my focus and started offering coaching for photographers and it changed my life forever. 

Trust me, if I could go from burned-out photographer, working 18 hours/day, making just over $100k to 4-day work weeks, spending more time than ever (sometimes too much 😉) with my kids, with a million-dollar coaching business, YOU CAN TOO.

My advice? Don’t wait until you’re burned out beyond belief, feeling stuck to make a change. Set yourself up for success now.

Hi, I’m Jenni, former burned-out 6-figure photographer turned 7-figure coach.

Meet your coach!

i'm ready, let's do this!

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I'm ready to create a 6-figure+ coaching business.