girl, i've been there too. Juggling a successful photography business, newborn baby, and the sinking feeling that I just couldn't do it all...

Of course, "pennies" is relative- you've had success and still love picking up that camera. But hunching over newborns every week is killing your back, you missed out on your son's game winning goal (because #sunsetphotos), and will you really want to be shooting wedding receptions 5 years from now?

I mean the champagne is great, but...

But what's a girl to do? Yeah, your bank account might not match up with the 60+ hour weeks you're pulling but you're making a living doing what you love! And what's the alternative? Becoming a homesteader? Getting a corporate job? No thank you.

You've toyed with the thought of hosting workshops, coming out with an online course, or mentoring other photographers. But the whole thing feels overwhelming and who are YOU to teach anyone else? ** More on that later.  

So you slip on your best COVID mask and keep booking, shooting, editing, and doing. the. dang. thing. in hopes that someday it might start feeling more fun ... or at least less exhausting. 

You're working your butt off, missing out on sooo much time with family, + bringing in pennies compared to all those "6 figure" photographers bragging on Instagram.

sound familiar?

Here's what I KNOW: I would not be where I am today- 8 years retired from weddings, spending the weekends at the pool with my kids, shooting when I want, and traveling to the mountains whenever I get a chance- if I hadn't decided to start teaching OTHER photographers.

I know what you're thinking, "Jenni. I have no place to teach other photographers! There are so many people who are better than me!" or "I'm not one of *those* photographers who can sell workshops and online courses ... that's for the ones who have (insert fancy industry recognition, here)." 

To that I say BULL. Pardon my French  > But really, I went to school to be an elementary French teacher.

2 am editing sessions, weekends away from my babies & a successful photography business that left me feeling ... empty.

I couldn't help but think, "What's next?" 

If you're reading this, you're probably at that "what's next" point, too. 

Achieve ACTUAL breathing room in your business. Less work + more money isn't "too good to be true." 

Grow an email list, boost your social media following, and connect with a group of go-getters. 

Master the launch strategies I've used to bring in over $100k of passive income every year. 

Harness your expertise + develop an offer that makes you money while you sleep.

WHAT IF in 6 Short WeekS you could: 

And I promise, you know a lot. "So you're just going to die with all this knowledge in your head? That seems really unfair." My first coach said after I forked over $25k for a mastermind and then wondered if I really had any place educating. 

That's when it hit me. Enough playing small. Enough with excuses that I couldn't help other photographers or scale my business or become an expert in my space. It was time to go for it, and that's what I want for you too...

You just have to be willing to share what you know

guess what?

- candace swanson

She helped me gain confidence in my ability to teach others! Jenni held my hand every step of the way, giving me direction, step-by-step instruction, and support. 

Jenni transformed my business and helped me bring in over $5500 in sales this month!

the reviews

All the tech and tools you need to launch an education income stream. 

How to grow an email list, send emails they want to open, and sell your offering without feeling salesy.

Sales page secrets that'll turn readers into customers (and how to put together a sales page in the first place).

How to *successfully* launch + all the strategies I've used to bring in over $100k of passive income.

My method for creating freebies that establish credibility, grow your email list, and nurture your audience.

How to create an education offer that photographers  line up to buy (and can't stop talking about). 


6 week sprint to a lucrative education income stream that allows you to impact lives, make more money, & gain back the freedom you've been missing as a photographer.

Yes Jenni! I'm in!

the coaching program

Press The Passive Income Easy Button 

harness your expertise + develop an offer that makes you money while you sleep

I know your time is limited! We'll meet once a week for a group strategy call where I'll hand over your roadmap to creating a lucrative stream of income in just 6 weeks.

1 Call Each Week

This isn't one of those coaching programs where I'll leave you hanging. You'll have unlimited Marco Polo access to me for questions, feedback, and quick brainstorming sessions.

24/7 Access 

No secrets here. The JM Resource Library is filled with all my go-to resources as well as done-for-you templates, sales pages, email copy, and more. How easy can it get?

Resource Library

- Weekly Group Coaching Calls focusing on a specific step in the process to creating your first stream of passive income. We'll have plenty of time for Q&A on each call so you’re never left hanging, and ready to implement
Weekly Review of everything you’re creating (freebie, sales copy, email sequences, facebook copy, etc.) to be sure it’s on point every step of the way.
- Unlimited Marco Polo Access to Jenni M-F for questions, feedback, tough love, and support to keep you on track every step of the way.
- Done-For-You Templates + Copy/Paste Files
- The JM Essential Resources Library 
- A community of go-getter, badass women who will help you achieve your goals 10x faster than if you did it alone. 

hell yes! I'm in!

BONUS! Access to my Facebook for Photographers course, with visuals walking you through every single step to successful ads.

Ready for more freedom?

what the hell are you waiting for?

No messing around-  In Week One, we'll get off to a running start + I'll share a comprehensive overview of successful launching, your launch timeline, coaching on how to come up with your first offer, my go-to process for creating solid freebies, and the Canva templates you can use to get your stuff into the world, STAT.

You'll walk away with a step-by-step plan for what you need to create in order to launch your new passive income stream. 

Your A-Z Roadmap to a Successful Launch 


Well, SOME effort is required ... but I'm giving you everything you need to grow an email list, create opt-ins + install them on your site, leverage Flodesk to grow your audience (even if you're starting at zero), and write email sequences that convert ... my tried-and-tested swipe copy included.

After this week, you'll feel 100% confident in marketing your new offering through email. 

Building an Email List, Effortlessly 


A couple years ago, I started with ZERO photographers on my email list. Today? I'm sitting at right over 19k. In week 3, I'll show you exactly how you can create Facebook Ads that actually WORK for under $5 per day. Tech, copy secrets, lessons learned the hard way ... I'm holding nothing back. 

You'll walk away knowing how to drive people to your opt-ins and grow your email list (even in your sleep). 

Leveraging Facebook Ads (For Under $5/Day) 


It takes a lot of know-how to transform your idea into an offer that people want to buy. In Week 4 I'll show you how to work through all the logistics like where your offer will live, how to set up the tech, and how to talk about your offering to the world.

Not only will you learn HOW to put together your offer, you'll also gain a firm understanding of why people need what you’re bringing to the table. 

Crafting An Offer They Can't Wait to Buy 


There are a lot of Sales Pages out there and to be successful, yours needs to reach through the screen and make your audience feel like they can’t live without your offer. In Week 5 I'll show you how to create your 1st sales page, the must-haves that'll move your readers to buy, and how to connect your sales page to your payment system.

Boom. Sales Page strategized ... You're one step closer to that passive income stream you've been dreaming of.

The Secrets to Sales Pages That *Actually* Sell


In our final week together I'm going to get REAL and show you what works and what doesn't when it comes to launching. You'll learn all my go-to methods for building organic hype around a launch, how to create social media assets to spread the word, and what you need to do to pull everything together + hit GO on your new offer.

Girl, you did it. You've pivoted into photography education and it's only up from here. 

Building Hype + Hitting GO On Your Launch



A PEEK INTO THE coaching program

the topics

- Ashlea snell 

Not only did Jenni help me create my first 3 freebies in under a week, but she helped me set up my Facebook Ads, start my email list (that's growing every day), and create my first offer! So grateful!!

I went from ZERO offerings and 30 people on my email list to over 225 in under 3 weeks!

the reviews

I remember a time not too long ago when I was photographing weddings every weekend, staying up all night editing, and getting up in the morning feeling like I was hit by a bus. I loved photography with all my heart but I loved my family more...and something had to change. 

So I decided that maybe I could share my secrets with other photographers. I mean, I'd cracked the code on making 6-figures and booking out my calendar in 2 years flat...surely SOMEONE could benefit.

Newsflash: They did. And now? The education side of my business alone brings in $100k every year because I decided to share what I know.

Now it's your turn. You don't need to have 10k Instagram followers (I don't),  a six-figure paycheck, a laundry list of industry awards, or a booked out calendar to teach other people. Let me show you exactly how it's done... 

i’m jenni. photographer turned business coach.



frequently asked

Oh girl. If you are currently running a photography business that has experienced SOME level of success? You can educate. You are capable of turning your knowledge + experiences into something that'll serve other photographers. And don't need to wait until you've hit six figures, booked out your calendar, or landed in Martha Stewart.

The Mastermind is 6 weeks long, with calls every week. The calls are usually 90-120 minutes and recorded in case you miss one. We typically have our calls on Tuesdays mid-day. I offer this Mastermind 3 times/year. If we are not currently enrolling, join the waitlist to be the first to know. Seats sell FAST.

Absolutely. We'll create your offer together in the coaching program! Actually, I only have two requirements: 1. You gotta be willing to put in the work (I'm talking full on, sweaty Peloton ride, WORK). And 2. You have to be a photographer who knows something about what you do. We'll figure out the rest...

You're juggling business ownership, lunchboxes, baby whispering, and dinner preparing (I.e. speed dialing that pizza place down the road), too?! I get it which is why this coaching program was built for the busy ones. This is an accelerated Mastermind. I need your time for one call per week and a couple hours of homework in addition. During this 6 week sprint, you'll want to set aside time to focus, because what we're going to create together is going to change your whole life. 

Hell no. Every industry is saturated yet people are showing up and making money sharing their knowledge every single day. Your people NEED your perspective and, like my business coach once told me, "Doesn't it feel a little unfair for you to keep it all inside?!" 

Besides a coach who really freakin' cares about you (aka ME) you will be connected to a group of motivated women who will help you grow your business faster than you could EVER do alone. The connections I've made in coaching programs have paid off 100x. The same will go for you. 

Let's chat over virtual Prosecco (fair warning, Im a fast talker when I get excited)! Email me at and let's hash it out. 

- dahlia orth

Jenni is your biggest cheerleader and supporter! She pushes you to dig deep and get out of your comfort zone because she sees what great potential you have! I'll forever be grateful for how much Jenni has and continues to believe in me and challenges me to chase after big dreams! 

Working with Jenni was truly life-changing! My business would not be where it is without her!

- dahlia orth

If you're on the fence or unsure, I'd HIGHLY encourage you to consider where your business is now and where you'd like for it to be in a year from now, Jenni can 1000% help you get you to that next level! Having a coach like her is invaluable for your business! 

Jenni can 1000% help you take your business to the next level.

the reviews

- jordan quinn

I don't know if I would have ever gotten my butt in gear and put these systems in place without Jenni's help. She is a lifesaver that came into my life (and business) at the perfect time for a kick in the pants, endless support, guidance on this stuff that doesn't come naturally to me in my biz, and a freakin wealth of knowledge. I needed ya realllll bad.

Jenni is a lifesaver that came into my life (and business) at the perfect time!

the reviews


* Or as Bon Jovi says → “Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear.” 

STOP trying to figure everything out alone. Press the easy button and I'll give you the roadmap to that passive income stream you've been thinking about...